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Are You a Geek? : God forbid
So, you think it's easy to spot a geek, eh? You arrogantly think that the glasses, the spotty face and the complete inability to score with the chicks (in real life anyway) completely give it away. Well, you'd be right BUT this test makes it even easier to weed them out! Get the person who you suspect is a geek to take this test, granting them sexual favours if they do, and satisfy yourself that you were right all along. Alternatively, just take the test yourself. Yes, that makes more sense.

1. Let's start with a boring one: What is significant about this number?


It's the number of bits in a megabyte.
It's the number of bits in a kilobyte.

2. Do you listen to most of your music on your computer or your HiFi?

My trusty computer.
A big, loud HiFi to piss off the neighbours.

3. How many girlfriends have you had?

More than none / I'm a girl

4. What is wrong with this picture?

It's empty.
It should be a gif file. Not a jpg.

5. What is the logical result of this sentence?



6. What is the logical result of this sentence?

I went to the pub for a few quiet drinks at 7pm.

I then went home at a reasonable hour.
I left the night club at 2:30am.

7. Do you get excited by recursion?

It's the only way.
You what?

8. Do you type faster than you write?

I type like the wind.
I break like the wind.

9. Who or what is this?


The bane of my life.

10. What time is it right now?

Between midnight and noon.
Between noon and midnight.

11. Which of these is the bigger stud?

Steve Jobs.
Steve McQueen.

12. Taking each half byte as a digit, what happened in the year given by...

0001  1001  1001  1000

Fifa 97 came out.
ISS Pro 98 came out.

13. What is the maximum capacity of a CD?

About 20 songs.

14. Who is this?

Bill Gates

Bill Gates.

15. And finally, do you consider yourself to be a geek?

No, but I know how to 'defrag' my hard drive.

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