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Links : What we likes
Let's get one thing straight. If you have come to this page, trying to get away from the House of Bamboo website, then you are mistaken! Go back NOW! The only reason for this page is to show our great taste in websites! Haha. We're sure you'll agree there as some good websites here and some really good ones if you bend the rules a little. You'll see...

The Spark : Take a load of tests (including the Bastard Test).
The ultimate website for finding out who you really are (oh no). Take a variety of tests, including the bastard test, the bitch test, the wealth test and the death test. According to this site the entire house is full of bastards, bitches and we will all die before we are 60 from horrible accidents. Oh well, at least we will be millionaires by 40 (haha). Try it out. It's not bad.

Internet Movie Database : Find out who the hell Lon Chaney Jr. is.
The best way to waste time on the internet. Find out facts you never knew (and never wanted to know) about your favourite films. From The Godfather to Bedknobs and Broomsticks, every film is in here. Check out the goofs section to find out the mistakes and continuity errors in loads of films. For example, did you know that in Star Wars the red R2 unit with the bad motivator re-appears in the robot line-up after it blows up? For a good read, take a look at the goofs section for Independence Day.

HOT or NOT ?
Hot or Not : See if you can beat our scores (ha! Good luck!)..
Be as cruel or as unforgiving as you like as you rate ugly people (and some not so bad ones) out of 10. If you are lucky enough, one of us lot might pop up (please give us 10, we need all the help we can get). If you think you can beat our scores, here they are:

Al 3.8
Dan 7.2
Ian 5.5
Mike 4
Richard 7.2
Robin 6.2
Toby 6.5

The Hun : What's this doing here?
Erm, I'm not even sure that this link is allowed on this webhost. But, I won't tell them if you don't! Let's just say that this website is ideal for the single, male with a lot of spare time on his hands. Of course, no one in the house has ever been here. The link only appears solely based on word of mouth. Have fun!

Amazon : Get 5 off everything you buy at amazon!
You read that right! Get 5 off everything you buy at amazon. The scam is simple, hereafter known as Scamazon. It is based on the refer-a-friend scheme that amazon runs. What you do is set up a new email account (try Hotmail) and refer this email address as a friend from an exisiting amazon account. Now, this referred 'friend' (i.e. you) will automatically get a 5 gift voucher! Use it to buy an item from amazon and get 5 off! The best part is, that once you as the 'new' customer has bought something, you as the 'referrer' get a 5 gift voucher in return for referring them! So, you get 10 off stuff at amazon in total! Use this scam as much as you want but be careful. This is where fake names may come in handy. : For emergencies only.
If you are absolutely positively bored shitless then go to this website. It contains a long list of links to other websites that aren't too bad. Hang on, so that means this is a link to another website that holds links to other websites (which probably have links of their own). Hmmm. Don't think about it too much and just have a look. It's not bad.

Google : The ultimate search engine.
The simplest and best search engine out there. This is the engine upon which Yahoo is based. Search for anything from 'Carmen Electra nude' to 'Jenny McCarthy nude'. You won't be disappointed with the results. Recommended by all members of the house.

York University : The workplace.
This is the place that brought the house together. BOMB IT NOW! Only go to this website to have a look at some pretty photographs of the university. Otherwise, have a look at The Hun, I mean er, The Spark.

HTML Tag List : Invaluable HTML reference guide.
The website that helped me on my way. If the House of Bamboo webshite has in any way inspired you (as in "I could do better than that pile of shit") then I heartily recommend that you see this guide. It has loads of source code and their results as well as useful stuff such as colour schemes and tips and tricks (like how to get little messages in the status bar).

AP2 : Twisted website.
The website that proved to me that a good website can be made that isn't too fancy. Based on an Amiga magazine I read when I were a lad. Take a look if you ever owned an Amiga. And, even if you didn't, just check out some of the pickles this magazine got into! For the love of all things insane, go to this webshite now!

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