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Hey oop ya fuckers!
You've made it to the only website that exists of 54 Heslington Road! To cut a short story shorter, 54 Hes Road in York, England was the residence of seven ladz during the 2000-2001 year of York University. Here you can look back on those heady days of yore with our Houze-Guide�. Houze Guide : Take a magical trip! Walk through our house in stunning 3D, investigating such delights as the grim loo, be amazed by the fully-fitted and extravagant kitchen, gasp at the size of the telly in the living room and be bowled over by the tidiness of the occupants. Which leads us nicely to...

Crazy motherfuckers
Of course, a house is not a houze without the ladz and you can find out about us all in the Ladz-Guide�. The days between the 30th of June 2000 and the 30th of June 2001 were a stressful time for the house and it was all these motherfuckers fault! Tempers flared (though only with the neighbours), bannisters were kicked through, doors were kicked through, woks were thrown out, rubbish bags blocked up the back alley, rubbish bags blocked up the kitchen, washing up never happened. Here you can read exclusively the sworn testimonies of the wretched individuals who instigated these hideous and repugnant acts (and e-mail them if you want).

But I'm giving too much away! You'll just have to find out for yourself in the... Ladz-Guide�!

Other shat
There's a lot more to find out if you delve deeper and deeper into the stinking bowels of the website. Discover facts you never wanted to know in the timeline of the house. Here you will find a brief history of the house during our tenure, detailing such key events as the shaving of one occupant's pubic hair by another occupant, the messiest day in the house and the destruction of a chair, a door and a bannister.

Find out highly useful (no, really) info in our Fun Facts section. Here you can find out how to get money from your account you don't have, the water holding capacity of a condom, alternatives to using plates and cutlery, Ladz Guide : Look at heeem! the worst smells in the world and many, many ways of whiling away an afternoon of intense boredom. Also, find out why The House of Bamboo?

Also, check out our linkz section to go to some websites that we really like and hope you like too.

What a shit webshite
Getting to grips with the website is easy. The title at the top of the screen is permanent, so if you ever get lost, click on the little 54 sign in the top left of the screen to get back to this page. To get to where you want on this page, use the links on the left of the screen. Everything else should be clear enough I hope.

So, sit back and relax with a mug of your favourite poison, put your feet up on your desk, rest the mouse and keyboard in your lap and join us in the crazy world of The House of Bamboo!

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