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Your Thong : A brief quiz
One of the cultural phenomenons that has plagued man for generations is the eternal question: 'Which is better, pants or boxer shorts?' Now, for the first time on the internet, comes a quiz that makes your mind up for you! Simply answer the following fifteen simple questions and find out whether your fears that you're a 'pant man' are realised.

Of course, if you wear no pants or a thong, then you should take this test anyway. After all, a nice pair of green pants must be more comfortable than a piece of string.

1. First off, how old are you?

0 to 16 or 66 to 172
17 to 65

2. Do you like the taste of Pek?

Pek me up, landlord!
No / What is Pek?

3. How would you describe this picture?

Truly frightening
What has this got to do with pants?

4. How many girlfriends have you had?

Use 'em and lose 'em.
One or two / I wear knickers.

5. What three colours of pant do Marks and Spencer provide in a five pack of briefs for 10?

White, Blue, Brown
White, Grey, Black

6. Do you recognise this sound? (Click on note)

Jingly Jangly.
Two fingered clapping.

7. How would you like to describe yourself?


8. How many pairs of pants or boxers do you own?

1 - 12
Can't open the drawer any more.

9. If girls had to wear boxers or pants, what do you think they should wear?


10. Study the two pictures. Who wears pants?

11. How often do you recycle underwear?

Once or twice
Until you can snap them in half.

12. Complete the sentence.

I like my underwear to...

have pictures of Garfield on them.
make me feel nervous around women.

13. What is your favourite film?


14. Have you ever achieved 'fly's eyes'?


15. And finally, if you had to wear one, which would it be?

Paper pants

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