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ITV Presents Robocop

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So what's this all about then, you may ask. And what has it got to do with the House of Bamboo? Well, nothing actually. But! It raises an important issue not found on any other website (as far as I know) - comedy film dubbing...

Yes dear friends, ITV showed Robocop a couple of years ago at 10:30pm on a Saturday night and obviously thought that 'scumbag', 'asshole' and 'crap' were too much for adult ears and saw fit to cut out all the bad language.

But now, for the first time, we present the machine that was used to turn 18-certificate language into PG-certificate language by our responsible and morally-correct friends at ITV. We call it ITV Presents Robocop.

Try out the machine for yourself by entering a rude phrase in the top box (or select a random one from the film) and then click 'Dub it' to change '18' into 'PG'.