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4th October
that was me!

Good evening. I have just made my second masterpiece - That Was Me!. Go and have a look at it. Go go go!
13th August
Woo Yay Hoopla! We be on b3ta's Weekly Newsletter (147)!

Next stop, world domination. RAR

Houze guide/Ladz guide up and running
5th August
Yo yo yo! Get on down to second year and take a look at the new, er, look houze guide and ladz guide. It's the same old shit content but it's much tartier now WOO!

For anyone who is actually bothered, I will be starting to update the ITV presents Robocop thing so that it works on even more sweary words. So ner. You twats

I also might put up the Londres images as soon as I can get hold of my scanner from home. Anyway, peace out and hrespect.
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university reminiscences
ITV Presents Robocop
ITV Presents Robocop
Screw you, mothercrusher!
What We Learned
What We Learned
Take inspiration from us, friends.

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