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10th September 2021
It's been well over twenty years since we started university so it's about time the site got a bit of a tidy up. Nothing too radical though - it's still as mobile unfriendly as ever and still contains at least ten thousand grammatical errors. It's also being hosted "on the cloud" so it'll only cost me about 3p a year given that the average number of users is about seven per year (thanks guys!).

Who knows, we might get back together again for a reunion; in which case expect another section to appear in that box up there...
13th August 2004
Woo Yay Hoopla! We be on b3ta's Weekly Newsletter (147)!

Next stop, world domination. RAR
Houze guide/Ladz guide up and running
5th August 2004
Yo yo yo! Get on down to second year and take a look at the new, er, look houze guide and ladz guide. It's the same old shit content but it's much tartier now WOO!

For anyone who is actually bothered, I will be starting to update the ITV presents Robocop thing so that it works on even more sweary words. So ner. You twats

I also might put up the Londres images as soon as I can get hold of my scanner from home. Anyway, peace out and hrespect.
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ITV Presents Robocop
ITV Presents Robocop
Screw you, mothercrusher!
What We Learned
What We Learned
Take inspiration from us, friends.

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