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Daylight Robbery : It can be done!
Here we present to you conclusive proof that one can still act the giddy goat for the good part of three years and still run away with respectable grades. Take heart from the fact that you don't have to spend your time nose-high in books to get by. The scary part is that most of us could also go on to do PhD's. Egad!

Aaron BA English Literature 2.1 Wentworth, Lindley D
Al BSc Computer Science 2.2 Wentworth, HoB, Lindley D
Brett BSc Computer Science 3rd Lindley D
Dan BSc Economics 2.1 Wentworth, HoB, Lindley D
Robin BSc Psychology 2.2 Wentworth, HoB
Richard BSc Mathematics 3rd Wentworth, HoB, Lindley D
Blonde Tom BSc Computer Science 2.2 Wentworth, Lindley D
Ginger Tom BA History 2.1 Wentworth, Lindley D

Still don't believe it? Well, here is photographic evidence, fool.

Al poses for the press.
A well-earned Desmond. Hahahahaha!

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