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The Second Year : October 2000 to June 2001
The Ladz bid you good evening. It was during the second year, that these miscreants came to live together under the roof of number 54. For most of the chaps who lived in the house, University will be typified by the year spent in The House of Bamboo.

For all of us, this was the second year of University. Most of us had lived together before in the project known as Wentworth College, found elsewhere on this beautiful webshite. Only Richard (captured for posterity, left) didn't live in B block of Wentworth. What had the other six let themselves in for? The rest of the story of the house can be found in (non) concise form in the Timeline of the House so have a look there to see a document of the times written at the, er, time.

It was during this time, that this website first found its feet. Bored and depressed about his degree, Al decided to occupy his mind (God forbid should he do any work) and make a website about what he held dear to his heart - oology. Unfortunately, the only eggs he could find were Large, Medium or Small and weren't very interesting. Henceforth, the ragamuffin began work on the other thing he held dear - why, the house! Have a look at his first, floundering steps into the crazy world of the binternet.

Taking a long view of the second year, this was the year that maked or breaked us. 1st year was a bit of a laugh that we all squeaked through and 3rd year - well, we couldn't get kicked out at that stage so we was sorted. However, second year was the one that decided our fate. Thank God we made it! Let it be known that must of us at this stage were facing third class degrees right in the face. We had a year to sort it out. Erk!

Where did we go from here, then? What the timeline fails to identify since it was written before we left the house, bizarrely, is what happened to us all in the following summer. At the end of our tenure in the house, everybody left York to go back home. What was done at home for many of us involved crying, working, wanking, leaving jobs - the usual July to September activities.

Campus accomodation at Halifax College was what Al, Dan, Richard and Toby were to look forward to in the third year. Ian was off on a year's work, Mike was to live in a University-provided house and Robin left to live with his 'other friends' (boo!). So, why did four (and ultimately five) of us want to live back on campus? Find out in the Third Year section if you're really that bothered.

BUT! Don't leave before you've investigated the second year first! After all, those twelve months were the reason for making the website in the first place...

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