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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

third year 01-02
The Third Year : October 2001 to June 2002
The most difficult thing about making this website is trying to get across how different the years are to each other. For example, you'd think third year, what with it being the final year to turn the degree around and with us living back on campus, would be very similar to first year. Ordinarily this would be true. However, four of the members of our new home, Lindley Court House D of Halifax College, had endured the House of Bamboo the previous year. Uh oh.

The four surviving members of The House of Bamboo who lived in Lindley D were Al, Dan, Richard and Toby. Eventually, Mike would leave his University-provided accomodation and live round the corner in House F. Along with the four that we are so acquainted with, eight other slack-jawed troglodytes lived in D. Unfortunately for all of us, not one of us was female. Oh, what fun we would have!

Third year was a tumultuous time. For many of us, this was the time when we would finally buck up our ideas and do some work. After all, first and second years didn't really count for much. The final year was where all the marks were. The plan was perfect apart from one fatal flaw - third year timetables are generally a lot less hectic than those of previous years. Not many 9:15's either. Hence, the Lindley D crew went forth and caused much more mayhem and destruction than ever before. Yes!

The year actually began quite sedately, as it always does. All of us introduced ourselves politely with warm, manly handshakes and things looked peaceful. However, a mere seven days later, we were already pissing off the neighbours with fire alarms in the wee hours of the morning, drunken singing and general obnoxiousness.

We had already became quickly accustomed to the ways of Halifax College. It certainly weren't no Wentworth. However, hardened from our experiences of Wentworth and, for some, life at 54, we made sure that the newly-formed college got a final taste of Wenty Scum. Have a look at the Lindley Diary for a full account of some of the hilarious hijinks these loveable rogues got into.

It's all over! Thank God.

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