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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

third year 01-02
Lindley D Guide : Oh no! Not Lindley D!
The story of Lindley D is an intoxicating one, enveloping you in a world of mystique and squalor. The first thing to note is that campus accomodation at York is not available to second years, but only to first, third and fourth years if they need it. Of course, we were not so organised to find accomodation in York for a second time, so most of us ended up back 'on campus'.

The main thing to note is that University-provided accomodation is primarily provided for first years. However, in the serendipitous case of Lindley D, the majority of residents were third years. Hence, for the first years this was a nightmare. More so when one considers what a pack of rogues they were to live with. But they were loveable with it, of course.

Unlike second year, not many of us were handy with the camera around the house so not much photographic evidence exists of the place. However, presented here to you are a couple of the photographs that did survive before Lindley D was systematically razed to the ground...

Lindley D Interior

The view of Al's room (15) from the door. Note the lack of video collection on the shelves due to packing. Also note the window to the extreme left of the picture. Sad.
And here is Al in his natural habitat, in full dressing gown regalia. The computer screen never lies.

The Bar

(From l-r) Aaron, Andy and Al having a polite conversation over a fine brew in Halifax College's very own bar, JJ's. Note the Snakey B in the foreground. Some habits are hard to break, eh?

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