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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

third year 01-02
Last Nite : Nice twist!
In the first of a series of photographic diaries, the website present to you 'The Last Night Out Ever'. The time: Thursday 27th June, the place: York city centre, the mission: To eat, drink and be merry. The last night out at University was not a sedate affair and, thanks to the wonders of modern photgraphy, has been captured for the whole family to enjoy!

So, we shall let the pictures do the talking as we follow Al, Andy, Dan, Ian, Rock, Blonde Tom, Ginger Tom and a whole host of supporting characters through the trials and tribulations of that fateful night...

8pm to 10pm : The Hansom Cab

Al and Dan get the first drinks in at around 8pm in the Pub of Kings, The Hansom Cab.
(l-r) Ginger Tom, Dan, Blonde Tom, Ian and Al still unaffected by the Pils.
Spoke too soon.

10pm to 2:30am : The Gallery

In the queue for the best nightclub in town (circa June 2002), The Gallery. Goons in suits unidentified.
Dan takes things easy with two bottles of the wife-beater.
What a catch!.
Al and Ian causing hearts to flutter.
What a stud.
Camera-shy Tom makes his feelings of The Gallery known.
Hilariously, what Ian doesn't realise is that those bottles are full of piss!
At long last, Tom cheered up.
Note: space on dance floor around dancing buffoons. But! If you look closely, the girl on the left is checking us out via the mirror. Wahey!
Robin, making an appearance at around midnight.
Ginger Tom to the left of the picture, looking decidedly befuddled.
Dan and Robin in dance floor anal rape shocker!
Yes. It is piss.
Al with all his mates.
Dan finally scored by the end of the night.

2:30am to unknown: The Aftermath

The burger van of champions, Oki's, provides their best customers with their final special burgers. You fat bastards!
Andy, Dan and Blonde Tom reconvene outside the Sex Shop to find it unfortunately closed. Should buy that sign some day...
The picture says it all. Arse provided by Rock.
The homecoming! Al and Dan pose outside the House of Bamboo, not before ringing the doorbell and running off. Ha!
Clearly the emotion of the final night has got to Dan. Oh well. Off to bed. And we still have tons of packing to do. Bugger.

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