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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

third year 01-02
Art and Arse of Lindley D : Let's do some fingerpainting!
Thanks to an ever-increasing workload and undue amounts of pressure being heaped upon the Lindley D residents, a lot more energy went into slacking off. Invariably, some of this energy was released through the magic of the pen and pencil. And so, we present to you here the various works of art that the chaps came up with.

If you wish to purchase one of the works of art, simply contact Al and he will of course consider all reasonable offers. For your comfort and convenience, each piece has a price tag. Remember, when making your offer, think of the value these artifacts will accrue over the coming years.

So, put on your spectacles, dim the lights and prepare to truly admire genius at work.

The World Cup
by Daniel Carvalho

Price : £50

A very powerful work, encapsulating what the World Cup was all about - offensive advertising, terrific goals and irate Chinamen. Exquisite.
World Cup Rogue's Gallery
by Daniel Carvalho

Price : £45

A simple piece, describing the various characters the World Cup had to offer.
Meet the Parents
by Richard Morfitt

Price : £60

A delightful portrait of Alistair Findlay's parents. Richard does not fail in his interpretation of Master Findlay's father as a David Duchovny-a-like and his mother as an alien. Divine.
My Penis
by Richard Morfitt

Price : £15

A quirky piece of art depicting Morfitt's genitals. Simple, elegant and a snip at the price.
Cleaning Day
by Alistair Findlay

Price : £35

Who's this cheeky chappy? A quite superb self-portrait of Findlay in his cleaning day regalia. Note the accuracy of the drawing, especially in the fact that the character has no feet and that his head is a stuck-on Elton John caricature. Buy buy buy!
York Reunion 2030
by Daniel Carvalho and Richard Morfitt

Price : £100

A joint collaboration between two of Lindley D's finest artistes. This piece shamelessly bastardises a tribute to TV's Inspector Morse to give us all an hilarious insight into life 28 years into the future. The price may be steep but just think what a conversation piece this would make.
The Best Team in the World XI
by Thomas Levitt

Price : £25

A teamsheet of the best football team never assembled by an up and coming artist, known as Master Levitt. Note the quality of the defence, made up primarily of Steve Bould and Colin Hendry. Goal!

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