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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

The Grad Ball : The Original Elaborate Wenty Event
In the second of a series of photographic diaries, the website present to you 'The York GradBall version 2002'. The time: Friday 12th July, the place: some old airfield somewhere, the mission: To last the twelve hours of debauchery. The gradball (tm) was supposed to be the night to end all nights. 6pm to 6am of wall-to-wall entertainment, so good it would cause your scrotum to implode. Instead we got Right Said Fred and a Toffs DJ.

Never mind. One thing we'd learned with campus events was that you made your own entertainment no matter what. And, this being the biggest campus event ever, our antics would obviously get crazier and crazier. So, come now and join the crew who you have become so accustomed to via this website and live (or relive) the magic...

Daylight : 4pm to 10pm

A couple of hours before the actual event, Richard and the two Toms relax in Richard's plush Goodricke College accomodation.
A fine upstanding young man poses beside his degree certificate. The kind of photo to make your granny cry. As well as most other women come to think of it.
Blonde Tom shouts for Al to hurry, for the bus to the magical airfield is to depart!
Richard's woman-cry-inducing photograph.
Wow. A photograph of the gang as we await (and await) our gradball dinner. MIA: Dan. Since he lost his ticket. Dunderhead.
Mike and Robin share a witticism.

Night Time : 10pm to 5am

Dan arrives at 10pm with a new after-dinner ticket. All three featured here give their 'Burton man' pose.
The Ladz get back together a year after their original hijinks. The first time they are in one place at a time for 365 days!
Aaron tries on the charm.
Aaron slyly offends Neil Hamilton in the background.
Mike raises his glass to Right Said Fred (squinting may be required).
Al, Richard and Mike still going strong.
Aaron in the 'grub hut'.
Ginger Tom and Dan take part in random chair-breaking as daylight begins to break through.
More join in on the fun!
Al and Dan take a break from dancing on the stage, much to everyone's relief.
Dan and Blonde Tom dance more on the stage. Ger 'em off!

5am to The End: The Aftermath

Aaron and Al back in the main hall. Note the daylight up at the top. Once again, Aaron displays his subtle hand gestures.
Al and Ian feeling fine. What a, er, men! 6am and still going strong.
What, what?
Richard and Robin make their feelings about the new Wentworth block known.
Don't they make a lovely couple?
The final act of the gradball. 11am - football on the sports field. Pictured: Dan, Blonde Tom (in tuxedos). Off camera: Al and Ginger Tom. And that's the end of that.

The End!

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