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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

first year 99-00
Wenty is Dead! : Long live Wenty!
Hopefully, you've read Wenty Wiles and Wenty Scum to get a better idea of our own idea of Wentworth College. As you've probably guessed, it wasn't the nicest place to live but at least the people knew how to drink. It is easy to see how the seeds for carnage in the second and third years were sown here. At least Wentworth made it's marks on the personalities of some of it's residents. What a pack of bastards, eh?

It will be at least 2005 before the very last Wentworthian leaves the University of York so we aren't quite done with the place yet. Let's have a paragraph's silence for the Wentworth survivors.


The new Wentworth now stands in place and looks mighty impressive. However, if you ain't impressed by such grand architecture have a look at these classic photographs taken in the heyday of Wentworth, 1999. Cheers, Wenty!

A typical room

Room B125. Note the video collection in its infancy on the shelf.
Another view. I can't believe I lost that Starship Troopers poster. You can't tell from the picture but it was a double sided poster with a mirror image on one side and normal on the other.

The outside view

The view from that room. What a lovely looking lake. Note that Al almost fell out of the window taking this photo. Ever-willing to die for the cause, eh, eh?

The Bar and Main Hall

The outside view of the bar and the hall, which held many a cheesy disco. Shudder.

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