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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

first year 99-00
Wenty on the Web : The leg end lives on
You'd think that someone out there would have done a decent website about life in Wentworth College by now, wouldn't you? Well, this one will have to do for now. However, much like Thora Hird, Wenty will never die. As long it is immortalised in good ol' HTML. Thank God for the internet where shite like this can be stored for safe-keeping, eh!

What I'm trying to say is here are some links that still retain some of the Wentworth spirit. Enjoy (but not as much as this website lest ye be shot in the chin).

Wenty JCR : The official Wentworth College JCR website
Not much on here that's of any importance to be honest but worth looking at just out of curiosity. In fact, it never had much use even when the college was still around.

Wentworth College Uni Pages : The University-provided Wentworth website
Again, not much on here apart from a picture I nicked for this website. Ha! This website is now for the new Wentworth which was rebuilt in 2000 (to be finished in 2002).

Wentworth article : An article written by Alex Lloyd about Wentworth being demolished
An article from the student newspaper Vision about the loss the University will incur by getting rid of Wentworth College.

A Block Pictures : Images of A Block in it's mid-demolished state
A page of some fellow CompSci's (erk!) website which holds pictures of A Block as it is being demolished (circa 2000). Not much in the way of nostalgia however. Boo!

Halifax College Message Board : Messages from former Wentworthians
Have a look at this page for the mesages from 'Blondezvous', 'Nice Twist' and 'DJ Niggatron'. Just goes to show you can take the chap out of Wenty but you can't take the Wenty out of the chap. Unless you operate. Even funnier are some of the responses because they take such light-hearted japery so seriously. Jack-a-napes.

Wentworth Challenge : Bridge-oriented quest
A bit before our time but, still, it gives you a flavour of what life in Wentworth was like. Find out what the challenge actually was by clicking on the link.

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