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The House Of Bamboo, 1999 and beyond

first year 99-00
Wenty Scum : The residents of Wentworth College
The other colleges did not like Wentworth College. 'Why are the people so loud and ghastly?' they would ponder over their game of backgammon and a nice cup of Ovaltine. Don't get us wrong - college snobbery is one of the worst forms of, er, snobbery. But, we've left and Wentworth got demolished so it's all right.

To be honest, the college system just didn't plain work. Wentworth was really the only college that had some sort of identity. The fact that the tramp who plays 'When the Saints Go Marching In' on a penny whistle (and out of tune, mark you) in the city centre had a better identity didn't really bother us. We revelled in it. Henceforth, we were known to the world as 'Wenty Scum'.

So, 'Where is this leading to?' I hear you cry. Contained herewithin are several of the scums captured for posterity. You may also recognise some of The Ladz in their pre-House of Bamboo stage. And remember, acting drunk is not big, hard or clever. But we were all three so it didn't matter.

By the way, if you were one of the scums or scumettes featured here and you want to contribute anything (e.g. e-mail addresses etc.) mail Al and he'll duly include it. Anyway. Enough chat - let the rogue's gallery begin!

B Block Bastards

A photograph taken in Al's old room (B125) featuring Al, Mike and Ian.
A photograph again from Al's room.

Wenty Leavers

Here's Dan on Wenty Leavers night. Unfortunately for him, he had an exam the next day. Ha! Awww.
Fine upstanding ladies.
Some more of Wentworth's posse.
Pre-Leavers photographs.
Robin in 'responsible doorsafe crew member' shock!
Toby and Kate in fine fettle.
Hello. My name is Ian. Aaarhrg! Call the police!
The picture says it all.
Mike strutting his funky stuff.

Come on. There must be some more photographs of us lot out there. Mail them to us and they'll be here in a flash!

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